Family Law



When divorce is inevitable, getting expert legal advice is crucial. We deal with all aspects of family law: divorce, separation, child custody, child and spousal support.


When bonds break and you decide to separate, temporarily or permanently Quebec authorities are qualified to rule in separation as to bed and board proceedings when one of the spouses has his or her residence in the Province of Quebec at the time of the introduction of the action.

Child & Spousal support

We are experienced in the art of negotiating family law cases and in drafting of complete agreements resolving the entirety of the most common disputes in family law, including child and spousal support. Because of the emotional involvement often inevitable in a divorce or separation and the numerous difficulties in establishing the exact income, assets and liabilities of the other spouse, you may want one of our lawyers to represent you in these difficult matters to ensure that you are properly heard.

Representing your Application

When mediation does not work, we try to negotiate with the opposing party’s attorney to find solutions to avoid the financial and emotional cost of litigation.

Our firm practices family law on a provincial, interprovincial and international level. Having offices or associates in many countries worldwide works to our client’s advantage.